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ATM Benefits

 Are you looking to cut costs and earn extra revenue? Then you need an ATM! The majority of Americans today own a debit/bank/check card. By placing an ATM near your retail store, hotel, bar or other business, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Earn surcharge revenue- If you own or lease an ATM, you can set the transaction fee that is charged to each customer who withdraws cash.
  • Increased traffic- By providing an ATM machine in your establishment, you increase traffic to your store.
  • Repeat visitors- Customers become more familiar with your location as a result of the ATM.
  • Generate more sales- Customers who withdraw cash from your ATM are likely to spend it in your store. They also won’t have to worry about being short of cash at checkout.
  • Reduced credit processing fees – By allowing your customers to have access to their cash, you avoid the 1-3% processing fee that is associated with credit sales
  • Reduces the need to accept checks- The fewer checks that are written, the less time customers have to spend at the register.
  • Keeps customers in your store- By providing convent access to cash, customers won’t leave your establishment to find an ATM.


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